If the Constitution is followed, it defines the country.  The Constitution gives us rights and freedoms which people in other countries do not have.  If people sit back and do nothing when any part of the Constitution is breached, because that breach is not affecting them personally, that allows the Constitution to become weakened, and makes the country less free.

You are living at an historic cross road, a period of time in which universities and the governments that support them are discovering how much of the Constitution's rights and freedoms THEY CAN STEAL.  Don't let fear of the universities and governments stop you from telling your family and friends about this website.  Because if you believe that they will retaliate against you simply for exercising your right to freely discuss Constitutional Issues, then you believe that we have already lost free speech.

The white collar criminal who benefits from insider trading, or selling junk bonds, or embezzling funds from his company, etc., is a bad person, but he or she does NOT weaken the country.  The white collar criminal who Diminishes the Rights and Freedoms promised in the Constitution, weakens the country.
The world looks to the United States and to a lesser extent to Canada to set the standard for freedom, equality, civil rights, human rights and prosperity. That is proven by the vast numbers of people from every other country in the world that want to move to the States and Canada.  I think we all know that our freedom and equality was the best the world had ever known.

We had set the standard, but now we are letting some professors, doctors and administrators lower our standard, and the whole world's standard is being brought down.

The worst of the worst have the Canadian media to lie for them, they have multi-billion dollar universities supporting them, and they are under the protection of trillion dollar state and provincial governments.  If universities that are violating the U.N.'s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and that are violating their Country's Constitution, have a response to this website, they have the power and the money to get their response out to the entire world.  Where is their response ?

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If you have not read how some universities are violating the U.N.'s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, click here.

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