A Congressional Investigative Hearing will only DO GOOD.
Congress's investigation will allow it to obtain all of the
facts on which American Universities and Colleges are
breaching the Constitution and using Discrimination in their
admissions process. Obtaining that information, can only
benefit America.

Think about it, how could obtaining the facts not be good ?

Help the Constitution by asking your Congressman/
Congresswoman and Senator to hold a Congressional
Investigative Hearing.

Members of the United States House of Representatives
and U.S. Senators; many of you hold different social and
economic views, have different opinions on many topics,
are of different religions, have different political beliefs,
are of different ethnicities, are different colors, come
from different backgrounds, have different ideas, etc.

Students hold the same different views as do our elected
representatives.  Students are also of the same different
social views, economic views, and opinions on issues.
Students are of the same different religions, colors,
races, political views, socio-economic backgrounds,
heritages, and other differences; which make them who
they are.  Universities and Colleges should be prohibited
from discriminating against any students.

Laws must be passed that require all university and college
admissions criteria to comply with the U.S. Constitution,
and with the U.N.'s Universal Declaration of Human Rights,
which the United States helped to write.

The documents on this website prove what is happening to
over ten thousand university students every year; and the
documents on this website prove the media lied to cover-up
what is happening.

It is clear that the states, universities and colleges
that are breaching students' constitutional rights, feel
that the law does not clearly and specifically forbid
them from violating students' constitutional rights.

Those universities and colleges have decided that they will
perversely use the public money, off of which they exist,
to fight any member of the public (ie. any student) who
takes them to court for their breaches of the Constitution.
They will tie that student up in expensive, stressful, legal
maneuvers for 5 years, 10 years, 12 years, or longer;
whatever it takes.  Then, in the end, they will argue that
there are no specific laws telling them what their
admissions process must do or must not do, to comply
with the Constitution.

Until the government passes specific laws governing the
admissions processes of universities and colleges, the
government is leaving students to be discriminated
against and have their Constitutional Rights stolen
from them by every college and university that chooses
to do so.  Specific and clear laws MUST BE PASSED.

North Americans should be free to determine their own
destiny by earning their way into the education they
need, through their hard work and demonstrated academic
merit, and if relevant, through their proven other
relevant merit.

North America should NOT become a society of fear,
where secret scores, secret meetings, and hidden
bias is allowed to ruin people's lives.

Seven major media lied to cover-up what is happening.
The documents proving that media cover-up, and the
documents proving what is happening are all on this
website.  The information and documents on this
website tells America that a Congressional Investigative
Hearing is needed.  Think about it, how could Congress
officially obtaining the facts be anything except good ?

Laws need to be passed which PREVENT universities
and colleges from using any admissions process that:
(1) has a component which could violate free speech;
(2) gives power to a few people to admit students
     they select;
(3) has a component the answers to which cannot
     be checked and verified for legitimacy and
(4) includes a component the score of which
     cannot be checked and verified for
     legitimacy and accuracy; or
(5) does not allow students to see exactly how their
     admissions score was determined and challenge
     any part of their admissions score that is not
     verifiable or is not based on a provable form
     of provably relevant merit.

The universities, colleges and other institutions which can allow or prevent a person from becoming an architect, doctor, teacher, engineer, lawyer, technician, mechanic, economist, researcher, politician, etc., have the biggest impact on the country's future; because they decide who will be doing the things which run the country and which run the country's enterprises.

I am available to be part of a Congressional Investigative Hearing.  My work and research into university and college admissions practices are evident from this website.  Many of the questions I would put to the professors, administrators and doctors, who come to defend their current admissions practices, are known from this website.  I also have many follow up and additional questions, all of which will cause the truth about admissions practices and Constitutional Rights and Human Rights and Civil Rights, to become known.

I can be written to by mail at:
Shawn David Olfman
346 Matheson Avenue
Winnipeg MB  R2W 0C8

I can be contacted by phone at my office, The Olfman Office, at: 204-586-9601

Email can be sent to me at: shawn@constitution-breaches.com

My law office website is olfman.com.

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