The MMI judges people based on their thoughts, conscience and opinions.

None of the MMI Evaluators have any qualifications in the areas of the
questions they ask the applicants.

None of the MMI Evaluators have any qualifications in evaluating how a
person answers a question.

None of the MMI Evaluators provide a scoring sheet which meets even
one of the criteria that universities claim should be met for a proper
test or exam evaluation.

The MMI Evaluators simply decide if they liked your opinion or if they
liked you, or do whatever they want, because there are NO records of
your answer, NO records of how they arrived at the score they gave
you, and you are NOT allowed to correct or even to see any false
information that was stated about you.

The U of M's own Human Rights statement says that it is unfair to use
things other than academic or job performance or some other measure
which determines competence.

If someone with no qualifications in an area doesn't like my opinion
on a question, that means nothing more than that two people have
disagreed; it says nothing more about me than it does about the
person who disagreed with me.

The U of M freely admits that the MMI is NOT based on actual academic
or job performance or any other form of competence.  They admit
that they knowingly use the MMI even though it VIOLATES their own
published Human Rights Code.  That demonstrates how much
ABOVE the law the university feels it is; and it demonstrates their
contempt for Human Rights.  Breaching their own Human Rights Code
is the greatest show of contempt for Human Rights I can imagine,
short of them actually killing people.

It is not just the MMI which universities use that breach their
own Human Rights Codes; and it is not just the U of M that is
gloatingly doing it.
 Laws are needed to protect students.

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