This website has been up since 2014, it has been advertised in many American University student papers and in many Canadian University student papers; and it receives a lot of visitors; so why aren't the Civil Rights Heroes, Human Rights Heroes, and Constitutional Rights Heroes speaking out in support of the Congressional Investigative Hearing which this website is calling for.

The law professors, community leaders, politicians, etc., that claim to be great advocates of Constitutional Rights, Civil Rights and Human Rights, always show up when someone is giving them an award and telling them how great they are. They speak out against single acts of discrimination. They shout out against the wrongs being done in other countries. However, when some of North America's biggest universities and colleges violate the Constitution and U.N. Human Rights principals, and discriminate against thousands of students every year, those same Heroes pretend that itís not happening.

The Diversity Lie
One of the best lies of the phony heroes is the diversity lie; it goes as follows: 'To represent society (and the world) in a fair and all inclusive manner, we must have a diverse student population; therefore, we will use subjective selection criteria that allow us to have a diverse student body which represents our freedom loving democratic society.'

Our society is diverse, and we do love freedom and democracy, and we do want to be inclusive, so what is the diversity lie ?

Ask yourself these questions:

- Are all Chinese people the same ?
- Are all Jewish people the same ?
- Are all Black people the same ?
- Are all White people the same ?
- Are all Muslim people the same ?
- Are all Vietnamese people the same ?
- Are all French people the same ?
- etc.

The answer is clearly NO to each of those questions.

There are many Chinese, Jewish, Black, White, Muslim, Vietnamese, French, etc. people, who are identical to each other in their desires, political views, materialism or selflessness, ruthlessness or kindness, honesty or dishonesty, etc.  In other words, there are many Chinese, Jewish, Black, White, Muslim, Vietnamese, French, etc. people, whose minds, hearts and souls have the same thoughts and feelings, and therefore they are the same type of person.  Their minds, hearts and souls come wrapped in different looking containers (ie. outwardly they look different) but they are the same type of person.  They are not diverse people; just because people look different doesn't make them different.  It is the type of person they are that makes them different, not what they look like.

Diversity is NOT achieved by judging each book by its cover (ie. claiming that the Chinese person must be different from the Jewish person and they both must be different from the Black person, because they look different).

Scientifically and morally, when a truly diverse sample is desired, no subjective criteria can be used to skew that sample.

If University "A" wants to include the Black community, the Korean community, the Japanese community, the Egyptian community, etc.; then University "A" should let each of those community's students have an objectively fair and objectively equal chance at admission, based on their grades; as required by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Then University "A" would truly be getting the best students from each of those communities and they would be getting a diversity of people.  The only reason for University "A" to use subjective selection criteria which lets an admissions group hand pick which students they want from each community, is to keep out diversity of personality, character, opinion and beliefs, by keeping out the students with the highest grades who don't fit the profile desired by that admissions group.

A Congressional Investigative Hearing will let the truth about university and college admissions practices become officially publicly known.  In Canada (if the Canadian Government can face what it has allowed to happen) a Parliamentary Inquiry will let the truth about university and college admissions practices become officially publicly known.

Letting the truth become publicly known is a good thing.  I hope the Heroes will speak out in favour of a Congressional Investigative Hearing and a Parliamentary Inquiry, so that the truth can become officially publicly known.

I am available to be part of a Congressional Investigative Hearing and to be part of a Parliamentary Inquiry.  My work and research into university and college admissions practices are evident from this website.  Many of the questions I would put to the professors, administrators and doctors, who come to defend their current admissions practices, are known from this website.  I also have many follow up and additional questions, all of which will cause the truth about admissions practices and Constitutional Rights and Human Rights and Civil Rights, to become known.

I can be written to by mail at:
Shawn David Olfman
346 Matheson Avenue
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I can be contacted by phone at my office, The Olfman Office, at: 204-586-9601

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If we want Freedom, if we want Free Enterprise, if we want Justice, Equality, Fairness and Inclusiveness; then there cannot be dictators at the gates of education keeping some of the best qualified students out.
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