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The below cases are just a small sample of the cases
in which students have sued a university. You can
search court records and find many more examples.

The issue is that 7 major media sources, including the CBC, did not write
stories about ANY OF THOSE OTHER Lawsuits.

What made 7 major media sources get together and decide to write dishonest
stories about Henya's case to try and discredit Henya and her case ?

What is different about Henya's case ?

There are thousands of lawsuits every year; and each one of them has a side
that the court goes against.

How often have you read of the court or the media criticizing someone for
taking a matter to court ?

Why did 7 major media sources act together to blitz the country with
dishonest journalism to lie about the facts in Henya's court case ?

All of those 7 major media sources have been to this website; IF THEY
legitimately believed that Henya's case was a nation-wide news story,
then why are they not reporting on all of the documents provided in this
website, which documents tell the actual story of Henya's case.

If telling lies about Henya's case was nation-wide news, then the
truth about it (ie. the University documents) must also be nation-wide
 Why then are those 7 major news sources so silent on what
the Univesity's documents say ?