The Canadian Government knows what the Canadian Constitution requires. The Canadian Government knows what the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights requires, because Canada helped to write it. The Canadian Government knows that tens of millions of soldiers and civilians died in the twentieth century fighting against dictatorship, so that all people could be free and treated equally, justly and honestly.

The Multi Mini Interview ("MMI") was created in Canada and first used in Canada, and the Canadian Government allowed it.

Canada's government news service, The CBC, wrote a lying dishonest cover-up story to hide the Constitutional Breaches, Discrimination and Human Rights Violations that are happening in universities, and the Canadian Government allowed it.

The Multi Mini Interview is being exported from Canada into the United States and other countries, weakenig their Constitutions and causing Discrimination and Human Rights Violations in their countries; and the Canadian Government allows it.

In the summer of 2015 I contacted every Canadian Member of Parliament, including the (at that time) Prime Minister Harper and Justin Trudeau (Canada's current Prime Minister), and none of them disagreed with the evidence on this website, but none of them did anything to correct what Canada is doing and allowing to happen.

Canada's universities are expanding their Constitution Breaches, Discrimination and Human Rights Violations, as explained in the section called: "Click here for documents proving breaches of the Constitutions of Canada and of the United States".  The link to that section is on our home page.

Canada should hold a Parliamentary Inquiry into the admissions practices of its publicly funded universities and colleges.  The public is paying for those institutions.  The public has a right to have it become officially known that those institutions are breaching Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Violating International Human Rights Agreements, and discriminating against the Canadians whose taxes pay their salaries.

A Parliamentary Inquiry will ONLY DO GOOD.

It is clear that the provinces, universities and colleges
that are breaching students' constitutional rights, feel
that the law does not clearly and specifically forbid
them from violating students' constitutional rights.

Those universities and colleges have decided that they will
perversely use the public money, off of which they exist,
to fight any member of the public (ie. any student) who
takes them to court for their breaches of the Constitution.
They will tie that student up in expensive, stressful, legal
maneuvers for 5 years, 10 years, 12 years, or longer;
whatever it takes.  Then, in the end, they will argue that
there are no specific laws telling them what their
admissions process must do or must not do, to comply
with the Constitution.

Until the government passes specific laws governing the
admissions processes of universities and colleges, the
government is leaving students to be discriminated
against and have their Constitutional Rights stolen
from them by every college and university that chooses
to do so.  Specific and clear laws MUST BE PASSED.

Parliament's investigation will allow it to obtain all of the facts on which Canadian Universities and Colleges are breaching the Constitution, Violating International Human Rights Agreements, and using Discrimination in their admissions process.  Obtaining that information can only benefit Canada.

Seven major Canadian media lied to cover-up what is happening.
The documents proving that media cover-up, and the documents proving what is happening are all on this website.  The information and documents on this website tells Canada that a Parliamentary Inquiry is needed.  Think about it, how could Parliament officially obtaining the facts be anything except good ?

I am available to be part of a Parliamentary Inquiry.  My work and research into university and college admissions practices are evident from this website.  Many of the questions I would put to the professors, administrators and doctors, who come to defend their current admissions practices, are known from this website.  I also have many follow up and additional questions, all of which will cause the truth about admissions practices and Constitutional Rights and Human Rights and Civil Rights, to become known.

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