Ask yourself 2 questions:

1.    Would Canada’s major media sources, led by the Federal Government’s own massive media force, the CBC, have to print lies to cover up Canada's
and America's breaches of their own constitutions, and to cover up Canada's
and America's violations of the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights,
if it was not happening ?

2.    Why would the University's senate refuse to say the University acted legally ?

The additional facts and links to the additional documents are below this box.
New Laws are Needed to prevent continuing breaches of
the constitution by publicly funded universities in Canada
and the States.  Those same universities are against
Canada holding the Parliamentary Inquiry and the States
holding the Congressional Investigative Hearing, being called
for by this website.

A Congressional Investigative Hearing in the United States, and
a Parliamentary Inquiry in Canada, are PUBLIC fact finding
inquiries to have the truth become publicly known.

Universities that receive (in total) billions of tax dollars each
year should not be against PUBLIC inquiries to discover the
truth about whether or not they are violating Human Rights
and their country's Constitution in their admission practices.

Every year many tens of thousands of university students
are being discriminated against in Canada and the States,
based on their religion, political views, socio-economic
background, ethnicity, race, color, ideas and opinions,
in Violation of their Constitutional Rights.

That discrimination is intentionally done by Publicly funded
Universities and the Provinces and States that fund them.
That Discrimination is Real and it is Growing.  It is disguised
as interviews or essays.  How the disguise works and the
proof that it is real is explained in this website, and proven
by the documents disclosed in this website.

There are two inescapable facts:

(1) At least 7 major news media sources wrote dishonest
cover-up stories, in which they knowingly told lies,
and knowingly hid the truth, to cover-up the illegal
Constitution Breaching actions of the universities.

(2) The University's own senate would not say that
the university acted legally.

The Documents proving what is happening are on this website.

The Constitution doesn't protect itself; it's just a piece of paper.  The Constitution cannot walk, it cannot talk, it cannot fight to grant the rights and freedoms that it promises.

The public inquiries called for by this wewbsite are needed in Canada and in the United States

          It is NOT relevant to you that I am involved in the events discussed in
         this website.  Every news story and every historical event involves people
         you don't know.  I am such a person, someone you don't know.
 If the
         events matter to you, if the issues matter to you, then the story matters
         to you; not because of who the story is about, but because of WHAT the
         story is about.

          To understand what is happening you need to read the background
         information given on this page before you read all of the documents.
         It will take you about 10 minutes of reading before you get to the
         document links.  Ten minutes is not long.
Constitutional Breaches and denial of Human Rights do NOT happen in the abstract, they happen to people.  IF one of those people stands up to what happened, that might prevent it from happening to others.

If the government steps up and passes the New Laws Needed to enforce the constitution and restore free speech and human rights, then we will all have a better future.

But it all starts with the facts of what happened.  You first have to know what happened.

What follows are the facts of what has happened and of what continues to happen to tens of thousands of students each year; as told by the facts of what happened to one of those students.  All of the facts you are about to read are proven by documents; and the links to those documents are at the bottom of this page.

Fact: Henya Olfman earned a higher University Faculty of Medicine Admissions          Score than over 66% of the students who were admitted into the Faculty
         of Medicine INSTEAD of her.

Fact: The University's Faculty of Medicine and the Provincial Government are
         working together to decide who gets in and who is refused.

Fact: The University and the Government stated that INSTEAD of using their
         PUBLISHED Faculty of Medicine Admissions Score to determine who is
         admitted and who is refused; they used a system called the Multi Mini
         Interview ("MMI") WHICH

         (I) The Canadian Constitutionally guaranteed rights to free speech and to
              not be discriminated against;

         (II) The United States Constitutionally guaranteed rights to free speech
              and to not be discriminated against; and

         (III) The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Fact: When Henya appealed to the University's Senate, they sent her a letter
         stating that they did NOT have jurisdiction to decide if the Multi Mini
         Interview ("MMI") was legal or illegal, and they did NOT have
         jurisdiction to decide if she was illegally refused admission to the
         Faculty of Medicine (therefore, her option was to sue the University
         and the Provincial Goverment if she wanted answers to those questions).

Fact: When Henya did sue the University and the Provincial Government,
         they changed their minds and asked the court to rule that NO trial
         should be held, and that they should NEVER have to publicly show
         what they are doing. The court ruled on a technicality that NO trial
         would be held and the university and the Provincial Government would
         NEVER have to publicly show what they are doing. Initially Henya
         appealed that court ruling, however, in May 2015 Henya withdrew her
         appeal. Henya's case is therefore not before the court. It is now the
         FEDERAL GOVERNMENT that must act and pass new laws.

Fact: Members of Parliament in Canada, and Members of the House of
         Representatives and Senators in the United States, are responsible
         for guarding the Constitution and Human Rights in their country.
Those Constitutional and Human Rights Breaches will continue to weaken
         people's rights and freedoms in both the United States and Canada.

Fact: Presently there are many Canadian Provinces and many United States'
         States where the Governments and Universities are Breaching the
         Constitution and Human Rights of students in the same way as it was
         done to Henya; and it will get worse if it is not stopped.

Fact: The Canadian Government news agency, the CBC, led at least 6 other
         major news media in publishing articles of lies to cover up what is
         happening. If the Constitution Breaches and the abuse of human rights
         was not happening then there would have been no need for at least
         7 major news media to publish lies to cover it up.
But they did publish
         lies to cover it up, because it is happening.

Fact: In the CBC's letter, disclosed on this website, the CBC does NOT deny
         that they and six other major news sources lied to protect those
         Canadian Provincial Governments and United States' State Governments
         that are involved. The CBC also stated that they know their story
         contained lies (which they called errors). However, when I responded
         to the CBC challenging them and proving that they knew that they
         lied and did not simply make errors, then the CBC refused to comment.
         The CBC and other new agencies usually critize people who are caught
         lying and then refuse to comment, so why did they do it ?  The CBC also
         knows that in their lies they maliciously tried to destroy the reputation
         of a young honors student who was also her school's winner of the
         award for best all-round student, because that student was trying to
         protect the Constitution, free speech and human rights.

         You can read my letters to the CBC and the CBC's response letter if
         you click the link below called: "Proof the Media Lied".

Help Needed: To PROTECT the Constitutional Rights of Americans
         and Canadians.

         Laws need to be passed which PREVENT universities and colleges
         from using any admissions process that:

         (1) includes a component which could violate free speech; or

         (2) includes a component the answers to which cannot be checked
              and verified for legitimacy and accuracy; or

         (3) gives power to some people to admit students they select; or

         (4) includes a component the score of which cannot be checked and
               verified for legitimacy and accuracy;

         (5) does not allow students to see exactly how their admissions score
               was determined and challenge any part of their admissions score
               that is not verifiable or is not based on a provable form of
               provably relevant merit.

Remember, all of these facts are proven by documents; and the links to those documents are at the bottom of this page.
Human Rights means equal opportunity for all people, and precludes professors and administrators from having the power to exclude people for personal or prejudicial reasons.

Constitutional Rights allow you to express your opinions, beliefs,
views and ideas, without penalty.  A system which allows students to
be kept out of certain university faculties based, even in part, on their
social, religious, political and other opinions, beliefs, views, thoughts
or ideas, is an obvious violation of those Constitutional Rights.
You can support Human Rights and Constitutional Rights by telling people about this website. Post it on facebook, use other social media to get the word out, or just tell someone.

The more people CONTINUE to talk about it, the more it is possible that the universities and the governments that support them will begin to feel the shame they should feel, and maybe they will stop the wrong that they have begun. It is also possible that the United States Congress and the Canadian Parliament will take notice of what is happening and pass laws protecting their country's constitution and stopping discrimination by universities.

You will make a difference just by getting the word out.

When Henya Olfman sued the University and the Manitoba Government, for violation of human rights, violation of constitutional rights, denial of freedom of speech, and breaches of two contracts; they did everything in their power to convince a Manitoba judge to order that Henya's case should NOT be allowed to go to trial; so that the Universities and the Governments will NOT have to respond to any of the evidence against them.

If they were acting legally, they would have LOVED to have a trial so that they could show how honest and upright they were, and receive a court ruling declaring their honesty.  But instead, they did everything to prevent a trial.

Between June 24 and June 26 of 2014, at least
7 major News Media INTENTIONALLY LIED about
Henya's case, covering up for the governments
and the universities.

Those major News Sources included:
the CBC,
McLeans magazine,
The Canadian Press,
the Ottawa Business Journal, and
the Winnipeg Free Press.

When you click the below link "Criticism of Henya's Case was
100% Wrong
" you will see a sample of the many other cases in
which students have sued universities. However, 7 major news
sources did not report on any of those other cases.

Why did the media decide to lie to do a cover up in Henya's case ?

Why did the government allow those other cases to go to trial ?
Why is the government afraid to face the questions in Henya's
case ?

You don't have to lie to cover up something you are doing that
is good.

The destruction of constitutional rights and human rights began with
a nice friendly sounding name, the name is "Multi Mini Interview" or
"MMI".  But the MMI is not nice and is not friendly; it is a strong
new wave of discrimination and denial of constitutional rights.

The Constitution Breaching MMI continues.  In addition, as
predicted on this website, it has gotten worse, More Faculties
are using the MMI, and some Universities and States and Provinces
have begun to use Other Equally Discriminatory and Equally
Unconstitutional methods.  Those other methods are explained in
the below section called: "Click here for documents proving
breaches of the Constitutions of Canada and of the United States".

In other countries people are fighting to gain some Human Rights
and Free Speech. Don't let our human rights and free speech
be slowly and quietly taken away.

The MMI is a system whereby, using secret scoring, a person can be
kept out of a faculty if they express an opinion, or a religious
belief, or a political view, or an idea, that the MMI Interviewer
does not like; or they can be kept out for other discriminations.

Because when there is no way to know why you received the score they
allege you received, and no way to check it, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN.

It is as simple as that.

Imagine writing an exam in which you believed you would receive a
score of at least 85%. You are then told that you only received 20%.
You say, 'I'd like to see where I lost marks'. They say 'NO.'

That is the MMI.

Another feature which allows the MMI to be a HUGE source of
human rights abuse and discrimination
, is that it is all done orally,
with no record kept of the student's answers or of what the MMI
Interviewer said to the student, or of how the MMI Interviewer
claims he arrived at the score listed for the student. Therefore,
the MMI Interviewer can claim anything he wants, and you can do
NOTHING about it, because there is no record of what your answer
was, or of what the MMI Interviewer said to you or of how the
MMI Interviewer claims he arrived at the score he listed for you.

How would you like it, if the next time you wrote an exam, they
shredded what you wrote and told you that you received only 20% ?
That's the MMI, no records, no way to check how your score was
determined, just a number that lets you in or keeps you out.

Another feature which allows the MMI to be a HUGE source of
human rights abuse and discrimination
, is that the questions
are all fictitious hypothetical questions which have NO correct
answer, and on which everyone is entitled to hold and express
any opinion.  They are each questions on which the Members
of Canada's Parliament hold many different opinions, and on
which the United States Congressmen and Congresswomen and
Senators hold many different opinions.  However, the people
who run the MMI have the dishonesty to give lower scores to
students who express some of those different opinions.  It
is the having and expressing of different opinions that has
helped to make our countries free; the MMI defies that freedom.

If the MMI and the Other Unconstitutional Admissions Practices are
allowed to continue, there is no way to predict who will be kept
out of certain University or College Faculty in the future.  Because
if more people are allowed to get away with breaching the constitution
to increase their own personal power, the more it will spread.

This website provides all of the documents to support every word
I wrote, all you have to do is read them and then tell others
about this website; so that the issues will be talked about.

A publicly funded university is NOT the private property
of the people who have been hired to run it.

A publicly funded faculty is NOT owned by the people
on the admissions committee. They are public employees
who receive public money to do a job. Their job is to
treat all members of the public equally. They do NOT
own the faculty, they do NOT pay the faculty's bills;
and if they are offered a better job elsewhere they
will quite their job at the University and go to take
that better job.

The publicly paid people who were hired to run a publicly
funded faculty have NO moral right, NO legal right, and NO
ethical right to discriminate against members of the public
with anything that judges a person on opinions, beliefs,
religion, social standing, or other discriminations.

The publicly paid people who were hired to run a publicly
funded faculty have NO moral right, NO legal right, and NO
ethical right to choose the students they personally like.
All members of the public are entitled to admission based
on their demonstrated academic merit, so says the
the United States Constitution, the Canadian Constitution,
and the U.N.'s Universal Declaration of Human Rights,
which Canada and the United States helped write.

Canada and the United Sates not only signed and
agreed to the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human
they also helped to write it. It is therefore
all the more horrible that publicly funded university
faculties in Canada and the United States should break
that U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Think about it, those same North American universities
that are breaking the U.N. Universal Declaration of
Human Rights
are the same universities that preach to
foreign countries the value and virtue of upholding
the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The people who run it do NOT own it.

The public pays for it and the public owns it.
The public is therefore entitled to equal
oppurtunity for admission based on proven
academic merit, as stated in the Constitution
and in the U.N.'s Universal Declaration of
Human Rights
. When Administrators/Professors
use any other means of admission they are
breaching the public trust they are paid to uphold.

If an Administrator, Doctor or Professor wants
to be able to choose the students they personally
like, then they should set up and pay for their
own private institution, which they would then
personally own. They should not betray the public
trust for their own personal desires.

Who told those "free" news media to present false stories ?

The Media normally does NOT publish articles or air stories
about lawsuits against the University or the Manitoba Government.

Between 1984 and July of 2014 the University of Manitoba had been sued 208 times.

Why did the Media NOT present stories about all of those other lawsuits ?

Those other lawsuits involved students suing the U of M, large international corporations

suing the U of M, public utilities suing the U of M, the City of Winnipeg suing the

U of M; every type of person and every type of company suing the U of M.

Why didn't the Media present scathing stories about those other lawsuits ?

Or is the correct question, who benefited from the Media's lies ?

The U of M had been sued 208 times; the Province had been sued so many
times I couldn't get an accurate court search result for them.

Why were there no media stories about those cases ?

There has been NO trial.

The Manitoba court of Queen's Bench has said it will not allow Henya's
case to go to trial. The Court said that the Provincial Government and
its university will never have to present any evidence on what they are
doing. Henya's appeal of that ruling was withdrawn in May of 2015.

It is the duty of the Federal Governments in both Canada and the
United States to pass new laws to protect the constitutional rights
of Canadians and of Americans.

Many students have sued universities and NO-ONE has ever criticised them.
For some examples click the button "Criticism of Henya's case 100% WRONG".
The difference is that those cases involved a university action that
only affected the one student, and which only accused one professor
of doing something wrong to that one student.

Henya's case would have put the government and the university on trial for
breaching human rights, breaching the constitution, denial of free speech
and acting in an illegal autocratic manner.

The provincial governments and state governments should be accountable to
the human rights, free speech and constitutional rights they preach.

A government and a university that preach free speech, human rights and the
constitution should have welcomed the chance to show the world what they
had done in a fair and open public trial.  Instead, the government and
university asked the court to STOP a fair and open public trial.

I am Henya's father and her lawyer. I invite you to read the university
documents and the government documents and draw your own conclusions.

The universities and the provincial and state governments that are
violating the Constitution and civil rights have gotten away with it
because they have the power to make rules and laws, and the media
has lied to cover up for them.
However, just because they can
get away with doing something wrong, that does not make it right.

Remember, Only Discrimination has ever come from Unconstitutional systems which cannot be checked for objectivity, validity, fairness and honesty.